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Gary Parr Bio

Gary Parr helps consumers sift through the myths and misconceptions of Energy Efficiency.  “Your Home is a System and needs to be viewed as such.”, according to Parr. Parr is an Energy Efficiency and HVAC expert with over 30 years experience.  He is an Author, Speaker, Educator and Radio Show Host.  For years, Parr has been helping listeners on his radio show to cut their energy costs.  He has directed two Energy Saving Makeovers that resulted in energy reductions of up to 68%.

Episode Listing

Gary Parr is a host of the Energy Saving In The Home Radio Show, airing Saturday’s at 10:00 AM on Voiceamerica and 2:00 PM on 700 AM KSEV. Click here for Radio Show Archives.

July 27th, 213
| July 27, 2013