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The Energy Saving In The Home Radio program brings to you the “Thirty Steps to Thirty Percent” a proven guide to cost cutting and energy savings. Each week, Gary Parr discuss the latest in energy improvements, incentive programs, and cost cutting measures that can help save you money! Hear from the different guest experts who have mastered energy savings in their trade and learn how you can take the next step to cutting energy costs and saving money in your home!

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About The Host

Gary Parr helps consumers sift through the myths and misconceptions of air conditioning systems that chew up half or more of electric bills. Parr is an HVAC expert with 25 years servicing and installing systems in Houston, Texas, the air conditioning capital of the world. He’s known for designing systems for minimal energy use and maximum output. Gary Parr has been a regular fixture in Houston media for the last 5 years as a radio talk show host. He’s quoted regularly in print and appears frequently on television newscasts.

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| July 27, 2013